Short Bio

Hi, my name is Rui Jing. I am a junior student majoring in Statistics and minoring in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. You can find my resume here. 

Job Experience

Huawei Technology Co. Ltd. 06/2022 - 07/2022              

-- Database Analyst Intern Hangzhou, China

· Performed extensive follow-up procedures to obtain, update, and validate information; maintained an exceptionally high accuracy rate through data verification, attention to detail, and regular quality control checks in the Linux environment

· Configured manual testing to execute the bash shell scripts and coordinated the migration of project information from an existing system to new database, enabling company to produce proposals and other project-related documentation more efficiently

Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co. Ltd. 01/2022 - 02/2022  

-- Accountant Intern Haining, China

· Employed the logistic regression model and K clustering in R programming to replace the original method of directly taking the median value to analyze the client credit fraud cases by using a small transaction volume test model with over 96 million data entry points, dealing with missing data issues, measurement errors, etc.

· Applied advanced machine learning techniques with Hadoop and Hive functionalities, to achieve the natural language processing task of identifying publicly named entities was completed, and the internal weighting function was used to successfully classify and rank transaction customers